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Poem : I Have A Way With Words

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I Have A Way With Words

Words :

I have a way with words
I can make a hot day cold
I can make your heart beat faster
I can make you sweat just by reading my words
I can bring uncertainty
I can give you a headache

And you don�t even know me
You don�t know my story
Why I write this way
Why I have this gift
To change people�s lives with my words

And yet you read
And you try to understand
You hurt yourself
You cry only to laugh a minute later
You ask for my words
You want them to upset you

You promise yourself not to read ever again
Not to bring unrest to your body
Yet my words have already infected you
You want to stay away
But you always go back for more
Asking me for more words

And I give them to you
I give them to myself
I hurt you, I make you happy
I hurt myself , I make myself happy
I tremble , you shiver
Just from my words

I would stop
But I can�t
They just keep on coming
And when they do I am helpless
I am not trying to write
The words write themselves

So forgive me for playing with your lives
For making you scared, aroused, warm and hot
It�s these damn words that everyone is after
And these damn words that keep on coming from me
Making you all wonder if I have gone crazy
Saying things I�ve been saying

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