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OK then,... who is this Two headed Puppy ....

It's me. My real first name is "Two Headed" and my real last name is "Puppy" ... as if that matters. Music has always been an integral part of my life. From initial violin lessons at the age of seven, to playing flute in middle school , to the guitar in high school, then piano, instruments just replaced one another ... First original compositions came around at the age of 17 or 18 , I can't pinpoint precisely. Since then it has been my obsession to create the perfect musical and lyrical synergy. The Internet has proven as a perfect place to present my work. Music albums that are presented have been created in my own production. Hopefully , the masses will take to it heart and we will all live happily ever after ... You might want to read the news and look at the comics for your amusement ... I get amused by it all the time ... As for location, I live in Redondo Beach, California. Not a bad place to live ... in fact I am going down to the beach right now, see you there ...

Corporate Officers


Two Headed Puppy is the company's founder and CEO. A really likable and fun individual. Had such great ideas in the past as the "massage while you play musical keyboard" and the "brush your teeth while you play musical keyboard". Can play guitar with pick or without it, whichever you prefer. The perfect character to run Two Headed Puppy enterprises. Likes donuts and coffee.


Two Headed Puppy is one of the company's founders and COO. He brings a lot to the table; sometimes a bit too much and we have to tell him to cool it. Other than that just a darling and a sweet soul. Does talk a lot, which we won't mention here. Mouths off too. A great addition to our team.


Two Headed Puppy is one of the company's founders and CIO. Truly a technolgy beast. Has like 4 phones, 3 laptops, 2 pad like computers and who knows how many desktop type PCs and such. Works remotely most of the time, though we are not quite sure of that. Need to check up. Oh yes, really knows his way around networks, software, hardware and techy topics. Somewhat withdrawn and according to his own words "would like more friends"

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