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Poem : Faster And Faster

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Faster And Faster

Words :

faster and faster
the speeding man went
propelling his body, feeding his soul
colossal speed, his consummate goal

round mere mortals he weaved with ease
brushing their shadows in silent breeze
driving the tempo, not looking behind
pushed by his nature, by speed defined

rest he did not crave
nor chance flowers to smell
his passion was speed
and he did speed well

and he sped and he hurried
and got all due tasks done
he was patted and praised and
awarded like none

his close ones, his friends trailed further behind
helplessly reaching, always declined
a step out of touch as he zealously raced
speed was the menace drug that he faced

he figured he�d have a moment
when the speed had died down
that the ground he made he�d reuse
when he came back around

did not occur to him
that the journey is all one way
oblivious of the fickleness of time
and how it whisks one�s life away

he sped to his end at last
one slow day
darting by mortally fast
no final goodbye, no closure
not even a terminal cry

his life did not flash before his eyes
for he was moving way too quickly for that reprise

His epitaph penned : Conceded to Time
It caught up with him in the end

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