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Song : Techno Santa Claus

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Atmosphere at the dance club is boring until Techno Santa Claus and Rudolph suddenly appear roaring down the fire escape. Techno Santa Claus cheers everyone on, drinks, dances and in the end after a big surprise everyone receives presents ... how cool is that ...

Lyrics :

The Night was kind of chilly , Christmas time was getting near
I just craved a party and a rowdy atmosphere
I went down to the club, place was kind of quiet
Somewhat disappointing , I had hoped for a riot

Little did I know or little did I expect
what would happen tonight would have such a big effect
would change my perception of the world as a whole
what my parents told me when I was just a little boy

And out of the sky and thunder of applause..
Roaring down the fire escape came Techno Santa Claus...
He was huffing and puffing and riding on his sleigh
lifted up his arms, this is what he had to say..

Hello boys and girls party time is here
shake your booty, rock the floor, let me hear you cheer
Ho ho ho, ho ho ho
I'm the Techno Santa Claus , Techno Santa Claus, Techno Techno Santa Claus,

Santa Claus and Rudolph made their way up to the bar
ordered drinks for everyone, double shots to guzzle down
Took the center stage, wiped the excess snow
started jumping joyously created quite a show

Santa squeezed between two girls started doing sexy twirls
Rudolph followed in his steps his nose then started turning red
Everyone was really nuts the place was now just getting mad
Oh my God this is cool, greatest party I have had

All of a sudden ... old Santa raised his cup
Motioned everybody - hey will you please shut up
whole place went dark, no one knew just what to do
lights came, back we were stunned, by an awesome view

Giant Christmas tree, appeared in front with lights
presents at the foot with names of everyone that's here tonight
Santa smiled and he said, Yes my job here is DONE
waved at us, sped away, just before the morning sun

after all that's happened I have changed because
Now I'm a believer in Techno Santa Claus

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